Outstanding educational opportunities across the lifespan

Mari-Lynn has an unparalleled perspective on the challenges we face in education. With a blended family of seven kids, she and her husband David have a combined 90 years of K-12 experience.  She is a higher education professional with 20 years of experience and her current business provides college planning services to local families.

  • Protect public school funding and never go back to the Brownback-era experiments that left our schools without needed resources.

  • Invest in our trade, community, and 4-year colleges because all students must be prepared to succeed at 21st-century jobs.

  • Keep tax dollars in public schools and prevent the siphoning of public money to subsidize private schools.

A comprehensive economic development plan

Mari-Lynn is a small business owner. She knows we need to create an economic climate that helps local businesses grow and create jobs. Kansas was named the most improved state in CNBC's 2019 Top States for Business - Mari-Lynn wants to keep that going with common-sense solutions.

  • Build on the successes of the Kansas Framework for Growth and bring new business to Kansas.

  • Address Kansas's budget with sensible and fair taxes, without raising taxes for Kansas families.

  • Invest in our schools so students are prepared for the workforce and businesses are attracted to Kansas.

Health care coverage that works for all Kansans

Mari-Lynn understands how critical affordable and accessible heath care is. She is a small business owner and her husband, who has Multiple Sclerosis, is a contract employee, so neither have access to employer-sponsored heath insurance. She knows we must make changes to ensure strong and healthy communities.

  • Expand Medicaid to cover 150,000 more Kansans and bring back billions of Kansas dollars to our economy.

  • Stipulate mental health parity in insurance plans so treatment services are covered equally.

  • Fight "junk insurance" that denies those with pre-existing conditions, has large coverage gaps, and precludes consumer complaints.

  • Invest in evidence-based mental health and addiction services for both children and adults.