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In Topeka


In the Kansas House of Representatives, Mari-Lynn serves on the following committees:

  • K-12 Budget

  • Commerce, Labor & Economic Development

  • Financial Institutions & Pensions

  • Veterans & Military

She is also the Johnson County Delegation Chair, elected by the 36 State Senators and Representatives whose districts include any part of the county, regardless of party.

Mari-Lynn has worked across the aisle to pass legislation to benefit everyone in Kansas. People are taking notice and the Council of State Governments named her a BILLD Fellow, which annually recognizes promising legislative leaders in the Midwest. Her legislative highlights include:

  • 2021

    • Mari-Lynn Introduced HB 2313 to extend the motor vehicle exemption for our service members, which was passed with overwhelming support from both parties.

    • Her 21rs2250 was adopted as a budget proviso to provide reports of delayed KDOL benefits to aid Kansans in their efforts to recover from pandemic economic issues and get back to work​.

  • 2022​

    • Her bill, HB 2626, was also passed as a budget proviso. It doubled the appropriations to the KS Teacher Service Scholarship which will increase the number of teachers committed to teaching in Kansas.​

    • She was an original cosponsor of HCR 5030, that was enrolled March 31st, 2022 to combat antisemitism.

    • Her bill, HB 2680, co-sponsored by the Chair of the Commerce, Labor and Economic Development committee, had a hearing and Mari-Lynn plans to re-introduce it next year. It establishes the Kansas Employee Emergency Savings Account (KEESA) program to help small businesses offer an additional employee benefit for recruiting and retention while establishing financial literacy and stability for employees.

To see her voting record and a full list of sponsored bills and resolutions, please visit her page on the official Kansas Legislature website by clicking below.

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